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Better Trade-In Program

Our Trade-In Program is…well…BETTER than the competition!

Here it is in a nutshell:

Amplifiers: We offer 100% trade-in credit for your amplifiers!

You never need to feel like you made a mistake by trying to correct your hearing loss. Simply bring us your unwanted amplifier and we will provide you a credit voucher toward the purchase of our premium prescription line of hearing aids!

(Trade-in credit available 1 time per client up to $250 for a single & $500 for a pair of amplifiers.)

Over-The Counter (OTC) Self-Fitting Aids: 100% trade-in credit for your OTC aids!

Confusion exists and with the new hearing aid laws, it will get worse, BUT we can help keep you protected from the craziness.

We will provide you the same great trade-in benefit we offer our amplifier clients on your OTC investment.

Prescription-Fit Hearing Aids: 50% trade-in for your digital hearing aids!

Did you go out and try to get a great set of hearing aids that simply are not working well for you? No worries! We will give you a 50% credit towards a new set of our premium prescription-fit hearing aids

(Trade-in credit available 1 time per client up to $2000 per pair less 10% trade-in value per year of ownership. Trade value determined by taking 50% of the purchase price shown on the original client Purchase Agreement.)

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