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Better Testing

Let’s face it

Each of the top five or six hearing aid brands make terrific hearing aids. It’s the hearing aid specialist or audiologist who determines the success or failure of your experience.

Does my hearing care professional perform a complete test?

  • AC

    Air Conduction

  • BC

    Bone Conduction

  • WRS

    Speech Discrimination

  • SRT

    Speech Reception Threshold

  • MCL

    Most Comfortable Volume Level

  • UCL or LDL

    Uncomfortable Volume Level

These are the minimum recommended tests by our industry. Speech-in-Noise testing is also highly-recommended, but few offices perform it.

A specialist cannot effectively adjust the hearing aids for background noise without testing your performance in noise. We are noise management EXPERTS.

Does my hearing care professional wear hearing aids?

Hearing loss can’t be taught. Living with hearing loss and wearing hearing aids provides deeper understanding of the differences various room types and noise environments make to the wearer.

Hearing Aid Specialists with hearing loss understand what you’re facing and living with each day.

Is my hearing care professional a clinical expert?

Does he/she complete only the minimum required educational hours or is your specialist an industry expert? It makes a difference. An expert loves what they do enough to excel rather than go through the motions.

Choose a specialist who’s involved in the industry beyond the office.

Is my hearing care professional proficient in the software?

Small differences in settings often create huge changes to the performance of the hearing aids. Training is key and experiencing those changes by wearing hearing aids like your patients do is even better.

These are all valid questions

They will have an enormous impact on your hearing aid fitting’s success or failure. Each brand has nuances that distinguish them from each other, but the primary goal is to hear the people in our lives well enough to communicate effectively.

We suggest keeping your eye on the basics rather than getting caught up in the extra features unless the extra features will be used daily to communicate with others.

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