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Better Story

Hello! I’m Steve Sr.

I want to help you hear better!

  • I am you...
    I wear hearing aids daily and have since 2005. This is the first thing I would like you to know about me. I have walked the path I ask my patients to walk. I know what they go through every day with their hearing loss.
  • I am Family-Focused
    The second thing you should know is I have a lovely wife, Nicky, who is an RN Manager in Radiation Oncology and a terrific son, Stephen II, who helps me run our home care business, A Place At Home Senior Care.
  • I am Well-Trained
    Now let’s get to the point. I am a Florida-licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and have been coaching hearing loss sufferers since 2004. On top of that, I am Board-Certified. This places me in the top tier of licensure nationally.
  • I give back
    I sit on the Board of Directors for the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals (FSHHP) which is known as the Florida Hearing Society. I currently hold the position of President-Elect and expect to be President this coming July (2021).
  • I am well-educated on hearing loss
    Lastly, I am very involved with the International Hearing Society. I sit on their Licensing Committee and assist with writing the International Licensing Exam taken by candidates in the U.S. and Canada wanting to obtain their dispensing licenses. It is not an easy exam.
  • Hopefully, all this stuff about me and my efforts to change my patients’ lives for the BETTER will help you feel this just might be a BETTER choice for your hearing care needs.

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